Richard Crow

Richard Crow is an inter-disciplinary artist working in the field of experimental audio research, live performance and site-specific installation. He utilises sound and noise in a performative way, for its disruptive and subjective qualities and above all for its psycho-physical implications for the listener and viewer. Over the past two decades his solo and collaborative site-specific installations and performances have consisted of highly conceptualized interventions into base materiality, investigations of alternative systems of organisation and research into a certain material decadence, most notably with the project The Institution of Rot which he co-founded with the writer Nick Couldry in 1992.

Since the mid 80s Crow has collaborated, performed, and recorded with a number of noted experimental musicians and sonic artists including Joe Banks, Zan Hoffman, Phill Wachsmann, Adam Bohman (as Diastolic Murmurs), Richard Barrett, Furt, The Hafler Trio, Clive Graham, Michael Prime, Dean Roberts, Kaffe Matthews, Michael Morley (Gate, The Dead C), Sandoz Lab Technicians, dy’na:mo, e-Xplo, Alessandro Bosetti, KREV (The Kingdoms of Elgaland Vargaland), Esther Planas, Gintas K, The Bohman Brothers, Richard Thomas and Aleksander Kolkowski.

Crow has shown extensively in Europe, and internationally including Russia, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Recent projects and exhibitions include L’ospedale fantasma/Walsgrave Hospital Coventry (with Margherita Morgantin), RAUM, Bologna, 2013, Radio Schreber, The Freud Museum, London, 2011, Animal Spirits, Sugarcube, Stockholm, 2011, A Blind Field for the exhibition HaVE A LoOk! HAve a LooK! at FormContent, London, 2010, Futures & Pasts (Curated by Tim Etchells), ICA, London, 2010, Unstable Institutional Memory, Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand, 2009, By Accident, Le Commissariat, Paris, 2009, Come Hither Noise, Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth, Australia, 2009, Endnotes from the point of boiling, The Theosophical Society, London, 2008, Ancolie, South London Gallery, 2006, Radio Revolten, Halle, 2006, Speaker, stain, silence, SOUNDplay, Toronto, 2005.

His work has been broadcast by Radio Panik, Brussels, Touch Radio – London, ABC Classic FM – Australia, Radio Arte Mobile – Rome, Radio Corax – Halle, Resonance FM – London, Kunstradio – Vienna, among others.